The Amazing Jujimufu visits The FIX!

Jujimufu is an internet and YouTube sensation. He has performed on Americas Got Talent and has a huge following on Instagram. He does some amazing and outrageous things with his body! 

Seeing the great potential that humans have inspires me to do more with my own. I do not think Im alone here. Millions of people each year try to get back to activities that they used to do. The issue is, the body may not be ready to accept that new activity. Our muscles get tighter and weaker and the costs may out weigh the benefits when we go back to those movements.

Good news though! We can get that elastic and free flowing feel that we had when we were younger again. The connective tissue of the body (fascia) can get rehydrated and reformed so that we don't hurt ourselves when we get active. Using structural integration (Rolf Method), osteopathic, trigger point, sports and deep tissue techniques as well as cryogenic, compression therapy and micro-current technology can help! 

This form of bodywork is unique and is helping people all over the world stay active, recover faster and avoid surgeries that they thought where inevitable.

Come in for a consultation and see what a difference it makes!

Ken SmithComment