FIX Performance and Recovery

Equipment Use
Game Ready: Targeted Cryotherapy Wraps
NormaTec: Compression Wraps
Avazzia: Micro-current Technology

Use the same injury and recovery systems that our top athletes use.

You will get full access to our ice wrap machines to reduce swelling, compression systems to reduce recovery time and microcurrent machines that help reduce muscle spasms/sharp pains.

Just book a session for whenever you need it (subject to availability).



New Clients

90 minutes session for 60 minute price: $195 $130

Want to try out this unique and effective bodywork style, but not sure if its worth the price? We at the FIX believe that feeling great doesn’t have to break the bank. We also believe that your health is an investment, not an expense. We use clear and scientific methods to reduce your need for surgery and get you back to the activities you love without pain. Give us a try and see why people are coming from all over to get their FIX!


Equipment Rentals

$80.00/wk or $256/mo

Our transportable Avazzia Microcurrent sets put control of your pain in your own hands.

Ideal for the management of chronic or acute pain, pain associated with sports injuries, or neuropathy, you can hire our equipment for home-use for either weekly or monthly periods.

To enquire about hiring our take-home rental equipment, please contact us: